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Developer esobi Inc.

eSobi is a very useful tool that includes a powerful RSS reader (with a lot of channels), an Internet Meta Search and a Doc ...


Developer Nick Bradbury

FeedDemon is a handy RSS reader that keeps you up-to-date with the latest news, articles and contents from your favorite ...


Developer RSS Bandit

RSS Bandit is an open-source RSS feeds reader that is also able to handle Atom feeds and newsgroup subscriptions. In ...

RSS Reader


The free RSS feed reader is an J2ME(Java) application for cell phones/mobiles that is able to read most RSS servers/feed ...



Almost every Internet user reads news on the Internet. RSS and Atom feeds are the easiest way to get the latest news headlines from various ...

Active Web Reader

Developer DeskShare

The new Active Web Reader is a freely available web feed reader that can support RSS 0.9 x, 1.x and ...


Developer Yeah Software

YeahReader is a completely free RSS Reader, newsfeed aggregator, and blog client. YeahReader by Yeah Software provides ...


Developer DAX Software

RSSeditor is a great freeware utility that enables webmasters to generate or edit RSS feeds and upload ...


Developer Adam J. McGrath

ReadAir is a nice RSS feed reader for both Windows and Mac OS X PCs. The application has been built entirely ...

Active Web Reader Customizer

Developer DeskShare

Active Web Reader Customizer is a good solution to customize and distribute a user’s own RSS reader. The RSS ...

Flash News Scroller

Developer Gokhan Dagli

XML News Scroller in Flash is highly personalized and can be easily inserted into any website without ...


Developer Silvestru Iapascurta

The main features are: you can subscribe to Atom/RSS feeds, offers river-of-news display layout, has custom CSS styles suppor, persistent news ...


Developer Perseptio

FeedAgent is an intelligent RSS reader that learns what interests you and uses that knowledge to determine whether new information ...


Developer FastTrackSoft

FastTrackNews is a portable RSS feed reader and news aggregator. The program reduces the time and effort needed to regularly check mass ...


Developer Ideafarms

i-Fetch is a feed reader and information aggregation program that enables you to read various RSS feeds on your ...

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